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Initial Hosting Services In India & US What We Do Strad Solutions gives Web Hosting and Data Center Providers in an RATE 3 Setup in India. Servers are provided by us from our USA based Data Centers too. Tracking We provide round-the-clock advanced process health check, monitoring as well as server monitoring. Safety Your Data Centers are not hardly -built with CCTVs, VESDA Fire Recognition, Bio-Metric Accessibility and Security Employees to maintain servers Safe & our cabinets and Secure. Uptime With Highquality H T and Your Carrier-Neutral Network, SLA based Hardware Uptime of 100% and Network Uptime of 99.95% respectively is provided by us. Service we offer 24×7 assistance On-Call and E-Mail to fix your passes on goal. Our System Managers are variable, trusted and effective in controlling most of the problems. Data Center Details Strad Solutions Datacenters can be found in India and The US. Together with the Prime-of-the- Structure,below are a few of our Data Centers’ numbers Strad Concepts At answers, we plan to follow rules that are rigid to ensure highest quality hosting is given high level of budget, persistence, flexibility and functionality.

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Guidelines enrolled some of the rules that we combine into our processes to offer ultimate Web-Hosting Experience Free Set Up You will get your machine reside with no put up or installation expenses within twenty four hours Own Alternative OS Strad Remedies has got the capability to present its client of Choosing any OS from CentOS to Host 2012 the flexibility Elite and Affordable At Strad Solutions’ core philosophy lies of maintaining Good Quality at Low Rates, a relentless pursuit. No surprises then, that people are the CHEAPEST HOSTING improve your PROVDERS the- line Electronics, TIER 3 datacenter plus much more -of- in India with top! Effective Strad of Support Strad or Stradivarius indicates High Value and Distinctive as well as the Service at Strad Solutions stands not false to our label. SOLUTIONS FOR EVERYBODY We are a IaaS companies with a difference. We make sure we design the top solution on your IT need also though providing the superior Structure to you. FAST AND EFFECTIVE HOSTING With around 150mbps of bandwidth in america your programs and Site heap quicker than 85% of the Internet. Bandwidth is Cooling and Strength and so is Essential and We be sure every resource can be acquired for your servers at all times.